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Jan Windglows Biography

Blood Love And Lust Spells,

Castle Dragon's Eye, And Dragon Spells

Greetings, and welcome to the world of enchanted magick, or magic as some would spell it, no pun intended lol, or to put it simply “the world of magical practice. My name and title is Enchantress Jan Windglows and I'm considered the "Queen Of Magic" by a good many magical communities over the Internet, and globally as well.

I've been practicing the art of both black and white magicks for over 34 years now and further, have the highest spell casting success rate in the world hands down and undisputed. Please allow me to tell you a bit about myself because I think this will help you understand why I chose magick or magic as my only profession in life and why I find my work so emotionally and spiritually so rewarding.

Jan Windglows' Near Death Experience

As you may have guessed, I wasn't considered the "average" child growing up in California even though Redondo Beach where I was raised as a child was considered to be not only a very creative part of the state, but a highly charged area concerning both natural and spiritual phenomena.

When I was of the age of three years old, it all started for me because this is when I suffered a near death experience while on an outing with my family at the beach one day when I was just walking along the shoreline and wading in the ocean waves and then almost drowned when taken close to a mile out by the ocean's undertow.  Like any young child it was all about exploring for me and the ocean was no exception to the rule and thus, I walked out into the water one sunny day and was caught up in the undertow or rip tide.

Of course I don't remember everything about that day but bits and pieces still remain with me such as being carried out beyond the buoy markers, being tumbled head over heals in the violent motions of the waves, seeing what some would call Angels beneath the waves and somehow, being able to breath under the water, and even enjoying it, as it was a peaceful feeing under the water in the vast ocean.

I remember a voice explaining to me that I had a greater purpose in my young life and that I would be a force for good in the world one day.  Then, I recall the waves tumbling me back to the shore line to where many people were yelling and or, screaming as I was pushed back up onto the sandy beach.  I remember being twirled around and around while I was inside the wave, and clearly remember gasping and coughing up salty ocean water.

Of course, it all gets a little blurred past this point however, my mother whom was a witch unbeknownst to everyone else back in those days to me the story once I had grown a little older, or when I was about eight years old.

She spoke of how the waves seemingly raised my small fragile body up over the waves and brought me back to the shore into loving hands, she said it was all most like a creature of the sea dove into the depths of the sea and carried me upon its back into shallower waters.

My mother went on to tell me how the EMS workers were called and worked on resuscitating me for fourty or so  minutes and how life came back into my little cold limp body.

Mom was very instrumental in my magical education and in helping me understand the mysteries of Nature itself as I grew older and stronger, she taught me to never fear Nature and that it was a part of myself as much as I was a part of it.

I Began My Magical Training

I began my magical training  in its various areas of herbal alchemy, magical history and basic spell casting around ages eight to ten years of age and progressively added to my knowledge in incorporating my Magick knowledge in with the practiced methods of the masters of the 11th and 15th century masters hence, one of the areas I specialize in would be commonly known as Renaissance, or old Testament magick.

I went on to master other areas of the art such as ancient Egyptian doll craft, the assimilation scripting of Angelic signatures, planetary signs, seals and sigils. Coursing planetary movements, drafting Angelic and Star charts, Advanced Old Testament prayer drafting and writing and so very much more by the time I has entered my fifteenth year of life.

I also went on to become very involved in the Church and took part in everything from singing in the Choir to giving sermons, but after a while this wasn't as fulfilling as it once was and I began feeling that I was living a lie.  You see, there were just things that the Church couldn't address for me and things I knew to be true but the church called "heresy", or things of the "Devil."

By the time I was eighteen years of age the spiritual discomfort had become so overwhelming that I began changing churches like someone would change socks.  I just knew there had to be more out there then what the Church was offering,  and that someone out there could answer the many questions that the Church couldn't or wouldn't address for me.

Jan Windglows' Trial By Fire

It was during this time that I had met and married a wonderful man that I thought, I could spend the rest of my life with but as fate would have it, he left me for another to which was crushing and sent my life in a downward spiral, as I look back on it now.

I thought love was lost for me and that I would never know love again until I met a second man whom I fell deeply in love with however, this relationship ended in disaster as well because my spiritual views couldn’t be accepted on his end or didn't  jive with that of the Catholic Church.

Things only grew worse and I was physically  abused over and over again that brought me to the brink of emotional shut down and physical death on several occasions.  It was during one of these beatings that I suffered my second out of body experience, or Near Death Experience. After this, I decided that enough was enough and I packed my few things and left for parts unknown.

Well, I ended up in a woman’s shelter for battered women to where I stayed until healing could occur to my body.  I had a lot of healing to do as the emotional strain of my marriages had taken their toll, I was seriously overweight, confused and emotionally numb with life as I knew it.

I felt betrayed and angry with God and the Church that represented Him and buried myself into other pursuits in life such as entering the field of medicine and surgery to which I stayed in for twenty four years.  I found this a rewarding field of endeavor in which I could heal all of those physically, psychologically, and spiritually in need.  During the course of my career in medicine, I became a highly attuned Reiki Master Teacher and truly had the gifts of healing in my hands and not only could heal people hands on but could send energy virtually anywhere to anyone in the world.

It was very gratifying and allowed me to give back healing to the world that had given me so much pain before.  It was just the person I was and I am, the gifts I had been given, and being a Reiki Master Teacher  that allowed me to do this.  Thinking back on it now, I made so many friends that I will never forget and whom, I will have a place in my heart for.  Yes, I raised myself from the ashes, picked up the pieces and pushed on despite the harsh realities that confronted me in life, but it wasn't easy.

One person that always helped me through these trying periods was my Mom who had her share of relationship problems in life. My Mother was always there for me with a kind word and gesture, she was my safety net and mentor, my Mom was everything to me and I was devastated when her addiction problem over the years finally spiraled out of control.

My Mom was a loving lady who just wanted to have fun in life yet life and it's harsh realities to it toll on her joyful spirit.  Again, I was crushed, dismayed and very angry at God for letting my marriages fail and then, allowing my mother to suffer in this way and ultimately, taking her from me via acute bronchial pneumonia.

To top it all off, I lost my job working in the hospital that I had been so happy in over the years, they just decided to close the doors one night upon the hospital's decision to sell out to another big company, and that was it.  Again, hurt deeply and a feeling a deep sense of betrayal I was absolutely overwhelmed, it was all most like I was cursed by God personally for my rebellion against His Church.

Rebellion Against The Church

Dazed and confused I sought other employment opportunities and found them here and there, I felt that I had lost everything that ever met anything to me, my life was just full of physical and emotional loss and pain yet, I hung on to the only thing I had left to which was my pursuit of the spiritual and trying to understand why things had unfolded in my life the way they did.

Being in the magical circles throughout the years I started to concentrate on my magical practice and belief system once more to which drew me to a very skilled Wizard by the name of Poke Runyon who went on to teach me the disciplines of the Hermetic Golden Dawn and Solomon magick.

This was a very educational experience for me over the next year however, I was already well versed in biblical theology and demonology from years past to which helped immensely in the study these areas of Old Testament magic.  By this time I also became fluent in the magical practices of Wicca, Voodoo, Celtic and other esoteric practices of spell casting, as well as being well versed in various different types of magickal alphabets and spell writings.

I learned all that was possible from this wonderful Teacher Poke, but destiny persisted in calling me to move on to bigger and better things. I was still attempting to make some since out of the Divine and Their interaction in my life.

You see, to practice magick is wholly different tha n living magick and the Divinity that generates it. I've always been successful in spell casting to some degree yet, distractions can tend to get in the way such as bad marriages, the loss of loved ones and other personal problems when you don't know how to get around these sorts of things.

Really, I sum it all up to seasoning of the Soul as had these things have not happened to me in life then how could I help those who come to me with these same situations occurring in their lives?  So, not only did these negative events make me stronger as a woman living in a man's world, but also taught me how to teach others how to become stronger both emotionally and spiritually and so, this was Divinity's purpose in my life.

For some other reason, I felt earnestly compelled to push on in finding the truth despite all my trials by fire in life aside from the reasons mentioned above. In the end, I decided to retreat into the mountains to re-group, re-charge, and to take another attempt in making sense out of life, magical practices and what I later will know as "Divinity."

Jan Windglows, Divinity, Spirit Guides And  Dakota

The next place I decided to move was a place of total isolation from family, friends and colleagues and it was here that I buckled down to concentrated on my spiritual gifts while completely opening myself up to the spiritual understanding factor and thus, this is where I met my spirit guides and Dakota.  Dakota is one of my Spirit Guides who is an Orca.

One night in the midst of all my despair and sitting in a darkened empty room by choice, I was submersed in all my pain and lonesomeness to which caused me to call once more on the God that had caused so much loss, pain and anguish in my life. It was then that I thought, some sort of winged being would appear from the clouds for some strange reason however, this wasn't the case.

It wasn't an Angel, but three very quiet and standing still Shaman Indian guides to which appeared and revealed a spiritual Vortex that existed within my living room area to which wasn't apparent to me previously, when it appeared it frightened me to no ends and I ran from the house.

When they returned three days later, I mustered up the strength to stay the second time around and gazed in total amazement at what I was looking at within this wall of energy.  It was my Guide Dakota along with these Indian Guides that taught me to sharpen and utilize my spiritual gifts, the gift of sight, the gifts of healings, the gifts of spell casting and a discerning ability to understand the things of this world and beyond. 

I became quite comfortable with the Energy Vortex, with spirit beings coming and going through the vortex, I learned the art of  channeling by standing directly over this vortex as instructed by my Guide Dakota, and even became well versed in the art of channeling from a Ouija Board, and met hundreds of souls whom I will call "Wonderers" who travel throughout time and space and to and from the earth.  These "Wonderers" were actually souls that had lived on the earth that had died and gone on, and many of them were not sure where they were or belonged after their passing, so I would send them to The Light in order for them to attain their final peace.

There were Some of these souls that also would share many of their life experiences with me of times when they were on the earth throughout these deeper channelings including the souls  of the departed from the airplane crashes of 911, as these souls directly channeled through me a beautiful poem of how they felt when they died in that horrible 911 plane crash which a dear friend of mine named Loretta Healy put on her web site for all the world to read to give tribute to the loss of these souls, what they meant to the world, and how very much they all will be deeply missed and never forgotten by those of us who are still here.

I would say that my magical and clairvoyant skills increased by 100 fold at this time in my life thanks to the Spirit Guides and Dakota to which are still with me to this very day. I went on at 46 to be a professional high fashion fine art model and to produce my record “Night Songs” under my own label and company of “Starlight Music Productions”, to which was very successful over the Internet and can now be found in five to nine different countries throughout the world.

I went on to practice in an even deeper way as an accomplished  Reiki Master Teacher and healer and further took advanced courses in theology to become the biblical scholar that I am today.   My Guides instructed me how to combine the art of Reiki with my magickal practice as well, which gave my magickal practice even more power.  The thing about Near Death Experiences is this, when you rub elbows with the spirit world some of them come back with you.  Not only does this occur but your ability to communicate with the dead, or in sending the dearly departed back into The Light becomes very second nature, as it did to me, by the Grace and Wisdoms of Divinity.

Enchantress Janhett Windglows' Achievements And Sacrifices

Even though I enjoyed all the glamor of modeling, fulfillment via my hospital career, creating and marketing my own music through a company I created and lastly, achieving my degrees in science and nursing and theology I can say that spell casting and working with Divinity is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable for me.

Yes, many accomplishments under my belt over the years and numerous diversities to overcome throughout my life however, I'm a living testament that you too can surmount life’s obstacles to go on to achieve greater things that in turn make the world a better place, and this is why I have gone into so much of my life story with all of you here today.

In other words, It wasn't easy to get to where I'm at today and my journey is far from being over as is yours.  All we can do is in learning from one another and helping our brothers and sisters on through life as we all know it, if perhaps I can save or help one person from making the same mistakes I've made in life, then it will have all been worth it many times over.

If I can restore one's faith in Divinity and in a person who comes to me for help,  then it will have all been worth it.  It will have been worth all the suffering and pain, it will have been worth coming back into this world twice.   Now, moving on to other things, or to complete the story at hand as follows in the preceding paragraphs.

I've sacrificed so much for my faith and Divinity to which I do it again and again if this is what they ask of me.  Yes, I've lost a marriage, friends, standing in the church as have many of you reading this out there today but whats more important?  These things or in discovering the truths of the Universe.

Through the years and all the endless research of a thousand different religious systems I stumbled upon the truth of all Creation, perhaps it was by no accident and divine intervention fate as I've been told by my very special and dearly beloved soul mate and  husband James.

Enchantress Jan Windglows Meets Master Wizard Jim Morgan

One day, I was cruising  the Internet looking for some rare books on dragon magick and dragon wall paper and I came across a site called "Dragon Spells" to which was owned and operated by James. I thought that this was just the typical little magick site that really didn't have much to offer but once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down, and engrossed myself in James' writings about Divinity for at least four days before even contacting James.

After speaking to James for over the span of a year, I decided to move out to Florida to study some skills that he was proficient in as he wanted to learn about some of the magical disciplines that I was considered an accomplished expert on, and this is how we met.

I discovered that we had a lot in common magically upon speaking to him and I started studying his magical systems immediately to which was mainly derived out of the rituals of King Solomon Temple and Enochian systems of magick, to which he brought up to date and incorporated into the system of magical spell casting you see today on our sites.

I further took some aspects out of these various systems of black and white magical art and incorporated them into my systems to which added vast amounts of strength and longevity to the spell castings themselves.

Later on, James was in a failing marriage unbeknownst to me and long before I came out to see him in Florida, that eventually ended up in divorce. And it was at this time that Wizard Morgan decided to move back out to the Wyoming and Montana area to where he once spent a lot of his time when growing up.

When James and I started working together the spells themselves started working in half the time that it normally took when we were casting spells apart, when we were married it only increased the spell manifestation and success rate that much more. 

Somehow, James and I always knew that it always had been Divinity's will that James and I be together, and as husband and wife; we excelled together in our spiritual gifts, as my gifts complimented his and his complimented mine.  We knew that it was our destiny to be together and to serve Divinity along with helping Divinity's people.

About Blood Love And Lust Spells, Castle Dragon's Eye

And  Dragon Spells

Today, we have a site that not only practices the most potent, strongest, advanced and fastest acting spells black and white magick spells in the world, but we are one of the most proactive sites in addressing complex situations concerning a client's situation.

Our secret is in addressing the situation both psychologically and magically while yielding common sense perspectives to the client, being a true friend and implementing ancient magical wisdoms toward their problematic situations.   We address the whole problem instead of one part of it in essence that tends to cure the problem with a little work on the client's part.  We feel that taking care of the whole person is key to their life happiness and success but most importantly, their relationship with Divinity, which is my personal mission to the world, and my life quest.

Wizard James and I are real people that have suffered real problems in life just like you, who have gone  on to learn from the mistakes in our lives and moreover, who can pass this wisdom onto you on top of casting a very powerful spell that will typically open up a person's live in every positive way.

My sites and www.bloodloveandlustspells.com  aren’t about evil or harming others, their not about control over others, or anything that would cause karmic flashback or karmic payback  to a person because all our spells are performed in the most holy Names of Jehovah Tetragrammaton, God, Goddess and the rest of  The Great Royal ALL Of  Divinity, Who not only inhabits the Earth, but the Universe in It's entirety.

The sites have been on the air for a total of thirteen or fourteen years and we've enjoyed a spell success rate of 97 to 100 percent simply because, The spells and process itself is designed for personal spiritual growth and worldly success in all the areas found in life.

The sites have a Gnostic tone to them in that we won't declare any part of Heaven as our enemy and hence were not a part of mainstream Christianity, nor do we have anything to do with Satanism, just so you know.

Jan Windglows' Belief System

We believe that our Creator is perfect in every way and that all things come from the Creator and this is why we leave all spell requests in the hands of Divinity when casting the spells for any situation. With this aside, we do believe in the wisdoms of the Prophets be they Mohammad, Moses, Jesus and many others according to their teachings of how One should quest for greater Heavenly knowledge and humanly conduct in the world.

We believe in world peace even though some in the world have attacked us for bringing you the truth that has set hundreds of thousands free from oppression and dogma.  We believe in science and common sense and more so, in always doing the right thing by Divinity, you and ourselves.

As I've said before, we are real people that you can actually speak with who serve a higher power affectionately known as God, Allah, Jehovah, Divinity and or, all the names in which Divinity is known and worshiped by that in essence serves to guide humanity in a positive way.

Now that you are a bit more familiar with me, who I am and what I stand for, I greatly encourage you to go and read over our two main sites we have to see exactly how it all works, what do you have to lose but a few minutes of your time.  These sites have around 300 pages to them at last count, that explain everything there is to know about magical practice and the spell casting criteria that it produces.

You are always free to accept or reject what your reading under your right of free will and so, if it makes sense to you then you will know the truth in it and if not, then our best wishes to you on your spiritual journey.

We don't proclaim to know all the answers or to be a fix all site however we do have a spell ritual process that will teach you how to achieve your dreams through spiritual evolvement, getting to know the Divinity that has been with you your entire life and communicating with Them in a simple and practical way.

Through the spell casting process that we can teach to you in a very short time, you will become very proficient at becoming the master of your own destiny simply by learning how to ask Divinity for your fondest dreams, giving a little something back in the way of self improvement and then watching your desires come true before your very eyes without ever having to cast a spell for yourself, or having one cast for you.

Yes, its all true, and all you have to do is check it out for yourself, that's all. No, I don't have to sell the sites to you because they will sell themselves to you and no, we will never try to convert or sell you anything in the way of services as we believe the services that I offer will sell themselves without being pushy about it.

It doesn't matter what walk of life you are  from, or your chosen religious practice, as these are extremely powerful spell rituals that are customized spells to fit your every need and wish regarding everything from love spells, money rituals, protection spells, curse removal spell castings, and spells that exact Divine justice against any enemy that you might have.

Jan Windglows Established Ethical Magick Sites

Black Magick Love Spell And Other

Magical Spell Services

We are a stable site that been on the Internet for years, we are the largest magical site on the Internet, we offer the most spell casting information, we address any spell questions to your satisfaction, we offer a array of paid and free services alike with our spells, you can speak directly with us, we offer license information and real client referrals that you can speak to at anytime and lastly, we will stay with you until you are completely happy with your spell results.

My sites offer actual pictures of spells that have been cast in the past, we offer free counseling services with most spells along with free recast for spells if needed.  Not to overwhelm you but, we also have a free two to three hour free Viking Rune Interpretation Readings  if needed in case your spell is unfolding a little to slowly to your liking.

This rune reading pin points the problem and allows us to address it immediately so that a spell can start moving quickly for you.  My husband Master Wizard Morgan yields these readings to a client that has never failed in getting the spells moving as quickly as possible so you see, our goal is in accomplishing your goals.

I also distribute free emailed talismans and amulets for love, money and protection along with my very own hand crafted free money powders. Why? Because we want to make sure that our clients are doing well in life and so, through this little added extra we can ensure this, where else is this given on the Internet?  So now you can see why we're "number one" in the world of spell casting all over the world.

I would also encourage you to go check out our spells preview pages as you can then see the work that goes into these hand crafted Renaissance spells, please check out the hand crafted wax dolls, the hand drafted Angelic charts, the tables of complex alchemies  used in any given spell casting.  Take a look at all the Angelic signatures and the 30 foot hand written spells written up in ancient alphabets and the thousands of Angelic beings that are being used according to their times and planetary rotations, or light and dark planetary spins and cycles.

Come check out our love poetry page and the Wizard Morgan column as you will find them both magically educational and will also pull on your romantic heart strings.  If you really want to learn more about magick you can always visit the former Dragon Spells archive site found on the Castle Dragon's Eye site at the end of the menu that is entitled, "The Dragon Spells Archives Of Magickal Wisdom"....this was the site that started it all found  at: http://www.fast-acting-black-magick-love-spells.com/dragonspells/index.html.

Jan Windglows Loves Her Clients And Stays With Them

Until They Are Completely Happy With The

Results Of Their Spell Rituals

Of course, we are always here to address any questions you may have about the sites, ourselves or the spells we offer and our phone and email responses are always within a hour to two hours of your sending us your questions via phone or email from start to finishing of a case.

I pride my web sites on being ethical magic sites that are always honest and forthright with the client and we will never blame you for anything, won't keep charging you over and over again, we will never play games with your situation or emotions as other less then palatable sites may have done with you in the past.

As I've stated before, we answer to a higher power in Heaven and these negative things carried out by the unscrupulous others against you in the past simply doesn't exist in our natures to carry out in the against anyone in the first place.

Our sites operate from honesty, honor and a sincere love for our clients as I may have mentioned previously above.  And lastly, when contacting me, please know that there is no obligation or commitment on your part in speaking with us, and that either I or James will speak to you directly and moreover, you won't reach a automated voice menu, or be shuffled off to some employee or an answering service at any time, but will be speaking with us over the phone personally.

We would love to speak with you, but we would ask that you have your situational ready to send to us via email so that we can discern your case quickly and effectively. We don't have any issues with speaking to you over the phone however, we would ask that you read over the sites first to save us some leg work in explaining what's all ready posted on the sites.

At the start of this site, I've told you a little bit about myself in the hopes that it conveyed that I'm just a ordinary person living a extraordinary life concerning the spiritual gifts that you can utilize through me in your life.

Give Jan Windglows A Call

And Take Back

Control Over

Your Life

In closing, I would say that you could do very well in taking advantage of the wisdoms James and myself have acquired over the years, that we've went on to incorporate into the spell process itself and the many diverse types of services that stem from them.

Seriously, if your in need of real magical assistance then you owe it to yourself to at least come and check us out before ending up with some shady site looking to steal your hard earned money.  My contact information is listed below and were here round the clock however, we do have to cast spells so please be patient because we will return your calls as quickly as possible.

Also, it would help us greatly if you could speak clearly and slowly when leaving your call back numbers. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this site and we hope to be hearing from you soon.

In Divinity's Service,
High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows


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